Monday, April 4, 2011

PC games...

hey guys.. anyone interested in PC games.. hahaha.. im asian.. but i like playing COD and other stuff(L4D2 and many more)... but last night i was playing DoTa(it's an asian game) but they the reason why it was asian is because asian are hell good at it.. i don't know.. just an opinion.. nothing personal right?? and yeah, i was playing with AIs last night because my internet went down.. so here we go, i played 5v5 with AIs. and after 27 minutes.. this is the first time in my life that an AI gets freaking Ultra Kill(kills 4 heroes consecutively) and i was like... O_o holy muck!!!! oh well, that is life, i said.. hahaha.. i've got the screen shot below to prove it really happened.. :)))

i still want to play other games other than those.. any recommendations??? =)

all recommendations are appreciated... ^^


  1. AIs are harder than real players if you play a lot.
    DotA isn't Asian at all

  2. I'm holding out for Deus Ex: Human Revolution this year. But you could always play one of the best pc games ever: Diablo II

  3. @Oscar: yeah.. my friends are playing that game so I have the hacked one for trial... =)

    and yeah thanks for those games you suggest.. its all good.. even Diable II.. ive played the 1st version. and Crysis 1.. hahaha