Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Parties!

what's up guys?? haha.. i've been away for a few weeks and just updated my blog.. well... yesterday was easter.. did you have any plans for easter??

mine was like the greatest easter celebration last night.. hahaha LOL..

my place was sooo crowded that you can't even find a spot to sit on.. LOL

man.. we drank beers, champagne, and vodka and all other bunch of drinks.

and we threw easter eggs on cars...

played different games.. and all those sort of stuff

so yeah.. i got drunk.. i might not know what im typing here..

hehe LOL jks..

all in all, it was fun!!

what was your celebration like? :))))

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Calculator Trick!

Hey!!! School is awesome.. i learned new stuff from my friend during my Accounting Class.. it was EPIC!!! here's what happened:

what is 123456789 + 987654321 - 123456789 X 987654321 / 123456789 = ?

you have to get your calculators to guess what the answer is..

BUT before that, try and guess what the answer will be..

it's pretty awesome.. hahahaha :P

OH! and btw, it has to be done on a scientific calculator/graphics calculator because it won't work if you use the computer calculator.. I have a screenshot below that proves that it doesn't work with the computer calculator.

Monday, April 4, 2011

PC games...

hey guys.. anyone interested in PC games.. hahaha.. im asian.. but i like playing COD and other stuff(L4D2 and many more)... but last night i was playing DoTa(it's an asian game) but they the reason why it was asian is because asian are hell good at it.. i don't know.. just an opinion.. nothing personal right?? and yeah, i was playing with AIs last night because my internet went down.. so here we go, i played 5v5 with AIs. and after 27 minutes.. this is the first time in my life that an AI gets freaking Ultra Kill(kills 4 heroes consecutively) and i was like... O_o holy muck!!!! oh well, that is life, i said.. hahaha.. i've got the screen shot below to prove it really happened.. :)))

i still want to play other games other than those.. any recommendations??? =)

all recommendations are appreciated... ^^

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Up??? =)

How's your day going? Got something to rage about. Here you go. Put it here. You can either describe it in story form, greentext, or if it's someone you're having trouble with, let them have it from behind the anonymity of the internet.

Ready set go. Get some stuff off your chest.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fail date recommendation! (_ _!)

>Dad said a friend of his has a daughter and he wants to set me up on a date.
>My dad says her dad thinks I'm a good kid.
>Tell him no thanks, the girl is probably a mountain troll.
>He says nope and I should at least meet her, she's seen pictures of me and is interested.
>Tell him fine I'll meet her.
>Dad forces me to go to a friend's party.
>Girl is there. Talk to her dad for awhile and he says he wants someone for me to meet and shows me his daughter.
>She's really cute, thinks this is not so bad.
>Talk to her, she's a really nice girl. Spent the night hanging with her and getting to know her. Eventually ask her out and she says yes.
>Noticed something about her, while cute she looked pretty young.
>Ask her how old she is. She says 13.
>mfw I just turned 16 last month.


got any situation like this?

(don't be shy sharing yours coz u noe what it means right?)

Monday, March 28, 2011

I heit me laif! =(

Every single one of you think your life sucks. well let me tell you about mine. I live in a shitty house ass house that smells like salty rotting fruit or some shit. my roommate is a fucking weirdo. all he does is just mope around the house, complaining theres no food, and fucking drools everywhere. My neighbor is a fucking psycho. Almost every night i either hear him singing and humming to himself or yelling out his window at god knows who. I've tried to "make friends" with this asshole, but everytime i try to talk to him, all i get is a door slammed in my face.

Now check this shit out. I've been working at this shitty burger joint for hmm, i dunno, 11 years or some shit like that? Finally i got promoted to line cook, but im still barely making ends meet. And it just seems like my boss hates me. Like hes just always red in the face full of anger, always concerned about how much shit costs, and its like god damn dude when am i gonna get a raise? Oh and remember that neighbor guy i talked to you about? yeah he works there too.

Alright, now time for the grand finale of this crazy shit. I think i'm going crazy, honestly. Ever since I did e for the first time, i feel like my whole head is full of holes. And i guess thats my reason for my interest in beastiality. I dunno, something about little tiny animals, just makes me hard. Im not gonna lie, one day i was at my house and saw this squirrel running around, and i sat there, dick in hand, fantisizing about what it would be like.

Alright, thanks for listening. I gotta go to bed, i got another long ass day at the Krusty Krab.

My question to you, why do you hate your life?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Crappy Delivery Stories =)

Pizza Guys has to be the worst delivery place I've ever used.

They've fucked up my order 4/5 times and it's not just limited to the drivers or the cooks or one location. I've moved to a number of places in California and they're usually the closest. So I order from them.

One time they charged me twice and then canceled my order (without refunding me for each of those times). So they refunded me for both orders and then delivered the food.

I moved here recently, though and I hadn't had any big complaints so I never called them about it but the last three orders I've made were just stupid. They forgot a topping once. Not a huge deal but they charged me extra for it. So they gave me $5 off my next order.

Then they forgot my soda. They had Pepsi, and I could live with that, so I didn't even bother calling that in.

This time I ordered wings. Hot Wings and BBQ, with hot/bbq sauces.

I got ranch.

Loooooads of ranch. So I called and told them about it and then let them know about the soda incident. They gave me like 8 containers of sauces and a free soda. It just took an hour.

Pizza Guys. They fuck up, but they fix it.

So what are some of your crappy delivery stories?