Friday, March 25, 2011

Crappy Delivery Stories =)

Pizza Guys has to be the worst delivery place I've ever used.

They've fucked up my order 4/5 times and it's not just limited to the drivers or the cooks or one location. I've moved to a number of places in California and they're usually the closest. So I order from them.

One time they charged me twice and then canceled my order (without refunding me for each of those times). So they refunded me for both orders and then delivered the food.

I moved here recently, though and I hadn't had any big complaints so I never called them about it but the last three orders I've made were just stupid. They forgot a topping once. Not a huge deal but they charged me extra for it. So they gave me $5 off my next order.

Then they forgot my soda. They had Pepsi, and I could live with that, so I didn't even bother calling that in.

This time I ordered wings. Hot Wings and BBQ, with hot/bbq sauces.

I got ranch.

Loooooads of ranch. So I called and told them about it and then let them know about the soda incident. They gave me like 8 containers of sauces and a free soda. It just took an hour.

Pizza Guys. They fuck up, but they fix it.

So what are some of your crappy delivery stories?

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  1. not really the pizza guy's fault...but me and my friends ordered pizza when we were like 15; just taking responsibility and feeding ourselves, and not reeking havoc like most kids...
    the pizza came, and we took it to his house, and his mom comes out and eats like half of it, and me and my friend (ok there were 3 of us) ended up with basically one slice each, even though we paid like $6 each to get it delivered.
    to this day i hate that bitch, and i appologize for the language, but recently due to a mis-understanding i have been essentially put on a blacklist, and the incident was a huge mistake, and communication error.