Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fail date recommendation! (_ _!)

>Dad said a friend of his has a daughter and he wants to set me up on a date.
>My dad says her dad thinks I'm a good kid.
>Tell him no thanks, the girl is probably a mountain troll.
>He says nope and I should at least meet her, she's seen pictures of me and is interested.
>Tell him fine I'll meet her.
>Dad forces me to go to a friend's party.
>Girl is there. Talk to her dad for awhile and he says he wants someone for me to meet and shows me his daughter.
>She's really cute, thinks this is not so bad.
>Talk to her, she's a really nice girl. Spent the night hanging with her and getting to know her. Eventually ask her out and she says yes.
>Noticed something about her, while cute she looked pretty young.
>Ask her how old she is. She says 13.
>mfw I just turned 16 last month.


got any situation like this?

(don't be shy sharing yours coz u noe what it means right?)


  1. i know... my dad kinda failed wiv that i reck'n.. just disagree wiv me dad.. ;)))))

    and.. she no nothing yet.. should i go teach her evwything??? and should i go on and re-ask her out? haha

    opinions pls. :)